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La Mesa Estate Jewelry Store

Need an appraisal of your fine jewelry, precious gemstone, or timepiece? Keep in mind that there are two types of diamond and jewelry appraisals. The first type is an official written appraisal. This is the kind that you need if you want to insure your … [Read More...]

Sell My Jewelry

How to Sell My Jewelry

Have you been wondering how you can sell gold jewelry and diamonds for the most amount of cash? At La Mesa Jewelry Buyer, we provide the answer. We are your local professionals when it comes to buying and selling pre-owned gold, silver, and … [Read More...]

Jewelry Exchange

Cash for Diamond Jewelry

Are you ready to jazz up your jewelry box with some new fine jewelry? Don’t like paying those high retail prices? Come to our La Mesa Jewelry Exchange! You can exchange your old jewelry for something more fashionable or upgrade your diamond … [Read More...]

La Mesa Community

Jewelry Buyers Walk

Here at La Mesa Jewelry Buyer, we are all for any efforts to make La Mesa a more walkable city. That is why we are happy to support  “La Mesa Kids Walk & Roll to School”. This Safe Routes program is inviting the public to attend one of their … [Read More...]